Bespoke New Build Bar

From time to time, we are approached with new concepts and we are more than happy to take them on.

As a bespoke design and fabrication company specialising in steel container structures, we can pretty much turn our hands to anything we set our minds to.

A few weeks ago we were approached by a team of entrepreneurs who have a lovely little spot of land right next to a beach somewhere in Wales. They currently have a small ice cream stand there but they want to turn this space into a fresh, modern outdoor bar with breathtaking views and a nice tranquil atmosphere to enjoy a pint and a glass of wine.

Why Pod Tech?

After doing their research, our clients discovered Pod Tech and very quickly came to the conclusion that we were right for the job.

With over 44 years of experience and a fully qualified and highly experienced team of fabrication welders, we are able to turn our hand to any steel container type structure. Not only that, they had approached other companies who were not quite as able to grasp the concept. At Pod Tech, we love anything bespoke and out of the ordinary. As such, we were very enthusiastic about the opportunity to help see their goals to fruition.

Based in Liverpool, we are able to service the UK in it's entirity and with Wales being just around the corner, we have the logistics and know-how to ensure a seemless transition from start to finish.


So far, we have spent a great deal of time liasing with our clients in order to fully understand the design elements they wish to incorporate. From bar height and depth to ice bucket and bottle caddy, every detail has been agreed down to the finest detail.

Fabrication is now underway and you can see the base and the roof structure above.

In a few short days the bar will be ready for painting before arrangements are made to install electrics and plumbing ready for delivery at the end of January.

So watch this space as further updates will come as we progress with this project.

So What's Next?

Upon completion of the bar we will start our next bespoke project for another client, which is to be a food kiosk in the heart of London. Also a very exciting project so keep tuned in and we will tell you all about it indue course.

Have Your Own Project in Mind?

If you have a project in mind, then please contact us to discuss your ideas and we will help to bring your ideas to life. We can build anything from small stores to huge industrial substations.

Some of the quotations we have recently completed include a set of 6 artist pods which are to be workshops by day and exhibition pods by night. We have quoted accommodation units for hikers with additional toilet and shower facilities to suit. Just a couple of examples of what we can do.

If it's made of steel, we can do it.

We also have the internal finish covered by our sister company CCS who provide anything from basic to luxurious internal finishes.

Contact us here by email or call on 07486486746 to discuss your ideas.


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