Shipping Container Conversions

Conversion Vs New Build

In the modern day world of social media and internet browsing, you may have noticed a growing trend in upcycling old, and turning it into new. My own personal Pinterest page is full of such imagery. Infact, for me, Pinterest tends to offer up images of old shipping containers which have been converted into many wierd and wonderful, and not to mention, different things. Anything from street vendor stalls to DIY home builds. There seems to be a limitless number of uses for them. I have seen art studios come galleries, cafe's and bars, home offices, turnstile units, and swimming pools to name but a few.

Why convert?

Depending on what you plan to use the container for, the cheapest method would be to purchase a second hand shipping container and convert it into whatever you desire. If your require something alot cleaner with less wear and tear, then you may choose to purchase a brand new shipping container, normally from China which of cause will be 'once shipped' when it arrives. This option is slightly more expensive but the end look will be much nicer if that is what you require. Some people don't mind the wear and tear, especially with the 'upcycling' trend, they actually prefer it to look used and weathered and so option one is perfect. There is one final option... bespoke new build. This option may work out more expensive but is sometimes necessary if the final design is too bespoke for a container conversion. Not necessarily complex, it may simply be that the required width is wider than a shipping container (8 foot). Depending on the size of the unit, it may not be the most expensive option, it all depends on how many materials are required and how many man hours it will take to fabricate.

How it's done

There are some DIY'ers out there with enough tools, skills and knowledge to take such a project on themselves. Maybe rope in a few friends in return for an end of project BBQ and beer session. But most people would not be confident in taking on such a task. In this case, the wisest decision is to involve a fabrications company such as Pod Tech.

Following an initial enquiry, we normally discuss the project with our clients in order to fully understand what each project will entail, what the end use will be and of course, the budget. Once this is done and the order is confirmed we will then set about making it happen. We can purchase second hand or once shipped containers for you if your project is not a bespoke new build. Normally, the first job is to cut the container down to the required length before a new wall is fabricated to close the unit back up. In some cases, the wall will be glass, or maybe only closed half way to make room for a serving hatch etc. Once all the necessary changes are made, each unit is prepped for repainting. This requires a bit of elbow grease as the whole unit will need machanical wire brushing before a good go over with an orbital sander and finishing off with a wipe down using 'panel wipe' to remove any oil and grease. Each unit is then primed and painted in a colour, or multitude of colours, of your choice.

Why choose Pod Tech over anyone else?

With over 44 years of experience in the industry, the owner, Kenneth Tipping, has built a phenominal reputation for excellent customer service and outstanding quality of work. With a full team of very well trained and extremely experienced fabricators, Pod Tech can do it all. Set up to build bespoke new builds from scratch, we can easily turn our hand to a shipping container conversion. With hundreds of happy customers over the years. Whatever it is you are planning, you can rest assured that Pod Tech can make it happen for you.

Contact us to discuss your ideas and let us help you to make your plans a reality.


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