Container Conversions

Innovative ways to showcase your business

Here at Pod Tech, we are in the midst of the new big trend in shipping container conversions. Gone are the days of flimsy street vendor kiosks or beer tents at festivals as traders turn to more innovative ways to catch your eye and lure you in.

We used to have the odd enquiry for bespoke new builds or container conversions with the majority of our workload consisting of container storage solutions, but as time goes on, we are receiving more and more enquiries for 'odd ball' containers for a myriad of uses.

For example, we have recently quoted on a project where 6 containers are to be converted into artist studios where the artist will work by day, and display their work by night. For this, we will take out a whole side and install large display windows in it's place. With a single personnel door added and a small window to the rear, lighting will also be included to display the artwork in an encapsulating manor.

We have also recently completed another project where the client required 2 containers to be converted into a bar and a street vendor unit. The bar was 30ft long and sprayed in an eyecatching turquios green with gas strut serving hatches running the length of the container and a gas strut serving hatch to one end. The food kiosk was 20ft long with gas strut serving hatches running the length and stainless steel countertops throughout for food preparation.

Think outside the box

Beyond storage solutions, there are tons of ideas floating around on how ex 'shipping' containers can be used. From container homes as seen on George Clarke's Amazing Spaces to business office space such as Container City in London.

With property sale and rent prices as they are, folks are turning to cheaper, innovative ways to purchase more suitable space for much less money.

Can we help you?

Do you have an idea you would like to bring to life? If so, simply contact us to discuss how we can help.

At Pod Tech, we are set up to build any container style design from scratch or convert any existing container into anything you would like. Don't worry if you don't have a container to hand, with our extensive list of contacts within the industry we can source the perfect container for your requirements on your behalf.

Second hand containers are the cheapest option for container conversions however, brand new containers can also be purchased as 'once shipped' containers arriving in the UK from China.

Put your imagination to the test without breaking the bank.


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