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London Food Kiosk

This week, our finest container to date was despatched to a very happy customer down in London. Michael came to us last year with idea he had to update his existing food kiosk with a brand new bespoke built unit with various design features for us to get to work on, such as rounded corners and a signage cap. 

Initial Brief

Our first discussion with Michael was interesting to say the least. He was very impressed with our Glamping Unit that we had recently built and this sent his mind into overdrive. We discussed his rounded corners and signage cap, external paint finish and internal layout and design. 

Having discussed the use of his container we decided on stainless steel countertops and aluminum composite walls and ceiling to tick all of the hygiene inspector boxes. All visible light and electric fitting to be brushed aluminium with a series of sunken spot lights to light up the inside.  

Evolution of ideas

Having spent a lot of time thinking through this project down to the finest detail, we realised that some of the initial ideas would prove to be problematic later down the line unless address prior to fabrication. Our main concern was how the stainless steal countertops were to be designed and fabricated. The initial idea was to have a straight counter top around 3 sides of the container with a glass front under the counter at the service hatch. Michael was to source a salad fridge at a later stage to display his food. 

After some research we realised that it would be near impossible to source a salad fridge to suit the dimensions originally discussed. We also realised that this kind of fridge also comes with glass frontage meaning that the food would effectively be displayed through 2 panes of glass. The only other option for retro fitting a fridge was for Michael to have one bespoke built to suit, a very expensive option. 

Instead, we decided to have further discussion regarding the final use of the unit to see if we could find a way to ensure the kiosk was ready to use upon delivery. We started to dip into the realms of specialist fabrication of stainless steel counters and internal appliances which we simply do not cover here at Pod Tech. Instead, we drafted in our friends at Counterline who were able to come up with the perfect solutions we required. After a meeting and walk round of Counterlines facilties, Michael was happy to proceed with an internal kit out including a dry well bain marie, stainless steel countertops and sink, drinks fridges and a salad display fridge, all incorporated and built to exact measurements. 

Going Digital

Another idea to have evolved during the design stage of this unit was the digital menu board situated on the back wall as you look in through the serving hatch. In the beginning it was to be a simple back lit design however, a bit of research uncovered a whole myriad of options. There are also 2 menu boards externally which are illuminated with downward facing external wall lights. 

Finished Product

Having taken extra time to ensure this project was finished to the highest standard, we were very happy to see it delivered to Michael this week. Michael is overwhelmed at how his unit has come together from a basic sketch the unit it is today. 

All that is left to do is have the electrician and plumber do their work and finally have the signage installed to complete the job. 

Michael has already expressed the interest that his new unit has caused with many more clients approaching to ask when it will be ready for serving. We think his unit will attract more customers than ever before and who knows, maybe we will see him again for round two with more projects already in mind. 


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