Conversions Galore

Bang on Trend

At Pod Tech, we are seeing an increasingly large number of enquiries for container conversions. Why? 

Well as we see it, there are two main reasons for this. The first being the cost, which of course is always a factor in everything we do in business or even in our private lives. Why pay through the nose for a bespoke new build when you can convert a new or used container into whatever it is you desire. 

The second reason is much to do with the increasingly popular idea of upcycling. In simple terms, it is 'bang on trend'. Over the years we have seen many fads come and go. At one time, there was bearly a garden for miles around without wooden decking, Ugg boots have come and gone and we're sure it won't be too long before another technological advance takes care of all our 'selfies' for us so we don't have to. 

Conversion Specialists

Our dedicated team of Pod Technicians have the qualifications, experience and know how to turn their hands to any container conversion idea you can cunjure up. From the outset you will deal with one of our in house designers who can help you turn your ideas into a reality, both from a design and structural point of view. 

Once you are happy to proceed we will hand your project over to our fabrication engineering team to turn your ideas into reality. Throughout the build process you will be kept up to date on the progress of your conversion with details and photographs at the various stages. Upon completion, you are welcome to come to see your unit prior to it leaving our facility, or if this is not feasible, we can provide as many photographs as is required. 

With many years in the industry, we have built up a catalogue of contacts and can help you make arrangements for transport to and from our site. What if you don't even have a container to convert? No problem, we also have many contacts within the industry and we are more than happy to source your new or used container for you.  

Anything is Possible

Whatever it is you are looking for Pod Tech can sort it out. 

Maybe you would like an additional room in your garden as an office space, man cave, she shed, spare accommodation. Teh benefit here is you are not tied to the same building regulations standards due to the container being 'temporary'. 

Maybe you are looking to go into business as a street vendor, pop up bar, retail outlet or even artist studios. 

Whatever it is, we are here to advise and happy to help. 


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