"Anything is possible"


Managing Director of steel shipping containers, steel containers, storage units, substations, stores
Kenneth Tipping

Managing Director

Emma Hartley - Sales and Marketing
Emma Hartley

Sales and Marketing

Established in 1972, we draw on many years of experience in container fabrication. From the second you contact us it will be evident that quality assurance, exceptional customer service and our commitment to delivering the perfect solution is what motivates us.

You will be hard pushed to find another steel container fabrication team that demonstrates from start to end, the expertise, eye to detail and dedication that's needed. We deliver what you want, on time and within budget. You are also cutting out the 'middleman' so you can be sure you're getting the best quality available at the most competitive price.

Based in Liverpool, we've evolved as a company to specialise in bespoke container design and fabrication of all steel container type structures. Not only do we refurbish and repair existing shipping containers, site cabins or any other steel container for that matter, but what sets us apart is our ability to turn any idea into reality. Every unit we build is totally fabricated from scratch.

From the traditional cube-based design specification to 'odd ball' jobs such as bevelled edged corners, hexagonal or curved design features, there's not much we can't do. Browse our website for inspiration and get in touch if you have an idea that's not detailed here; we can build to any shape, size or colour, anything is possible.


We're very fortunate in that we have 2 partners providing the same level of excellence as us. DNO Consulting offers a range of services in the power distribution industry and we work with them in the provision of substations.
Our other partner is Container and Cabin Services Ltd, a company specialising in the finishing of unit interiors. They can retro-fit the containers with anything required beyond a steel shell storage container and we get them on board to help our Construction and Leisure customers.

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