Total the costs of a typical garden shed and it's highly likely the contents are worth in excess of £1,000. Even this could be a conservative estimate, especially if you choose to store larger and more expensive items outside. Why rely on a wooden or tin structure for security?
Small storage container for the garden
Our garden shed option is part of our flat pack range and can be fabricated according to your personal specifications. The standard size is made up of flat packed panels, each 3 foot wide by 7 foot tall. The assembled unit is extremely secure and if you need something longer than 6 foot, simply purchase additional panels.

Either corrugated or flat panels with the colour of your choice, the interior can be ply lined which allows for shelving and further protects contents from the elements. If something more substantial is required, we can include heavy duty shelving and other electrical options.

These units fit easily into a small van which saves on transportation costs - no need for a crane or forklift truck on your premises. They are easy to disassemble and reassemble should they need relocating.

Interested to find out more? Why not get in touch and we can explain the many options.


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