Generator stores have to contend with heavy industrial use so we only use materials of the highest quality. We design and fabricate each unit on site so there is no limit to size, design or internal layout.

Our generator store framework is constructed using a heavy duty box section ensuring strength and rigidity. An 18mm heavy duty ply floor is installed which is strong enough to support any generator size you need to house.
Generator Store Container
The units are fully vented and can be louvre vented to allow heat and/or exhaust fumes to escape more easily. Externally, you can choose from a corrugated or flat panel profile. Each unit is primed and painted using a marine type top coat internally and externally. A 2 pack high gloss finish is also available upon request and the unit can also be ply lined if you prefer. We can also install shelving to the dimensions of your choice with adequate power points and lighting. Contact us for more information.

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