Are you looking for a long term self storage unit? Why waste your money on weekly fees?

Self storage can be a daunting prospect for anyone looking to store items for any length of time. For an 80 square foot unit, long term self storage costs can be close to £2,000 a year and weekly costs around thirty pounds.
We offer a home self storage unit, 12 foot by 9 foot in a flat pack range. The total cost of this unit is below an average yearly self storage fee and offers flexibility: store your belongings in your own secure container in a location of your choice. Not only is it cheaper to buy than to rent space, when you are finished, you can sell it on.

See the section 'Buy Back' on the Our customers page for details on how you can receive back most of your initial investment once you no longer need the unit.

The unit's capacity is impressive and can store the contents of a standard 2 bedroom house. It's also easy to move should you need to move its location at any time. You can add extra panels to the standard size of 3 foot by 8 foot panels (finished unit measures 8 foot high by 9 foot wide by 12 foot long) easily as they bolt together from the inside.

As per our other units, you can select either corrugated or flat panels and colour. The interior can be ply lined to accommodate shelving and offer more protection from bad weather. Heavy duty shelving plus electrical options are also available. Check out our Accessories page for more information and if you wish to add additional security options such as CCTV or an intruder alarm, we can install - giving you even further peace of mind.

Do you own a motorbike and need secure storage to keep your pride and joy safe from intruders and protected from the elements? These units are ideal as motorcycle housings and can be modified to allow easy access and a warm dry place to work on your machine. Talk to us about the extra options we offer such as access ramps, shelving, ply lining and electricity.

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