Is your shed too small? Need another room but don't have the means indoors?

Our standard 9 foot by 9 foot units are the perfect solution offering both space and security. A secure home storage option comes as part of our flat pack range and can be fabricated to your own specifications. The standard size uses flat packed panels which are each 3 foot wide by 7 foot tall and once assembled, you have an extremely secure structure measuring 9 foot wide by 9 foot long by 7 foot tall. If you need something bigger, just buy additional panels from us.
Flat pack home storage container
The design can be tailored to your style preference with either corrugated or flat panels and a colour of your choice. We can ply line the inside which allows you to add shelving and further protect belongings from harsh weather conditions. If you need something stronger, we can add heavy duty shelving or electrical options.

These units have so much more to offer than simply high security storage. Both the 'Man Cave' or 'She Shed', the additional space you turn to when you need a place to escape are becoming more popular. Our units are perfect and provide extra space to relax, work or play. Whether that requirement is to create additional office space to find peace and quiet to work; house a mini bar, play room or even just a tranquil space to relax and forget about your worries for a while, we have the answer. With so many options to choose from the possibilities are endless and we are here to help bring your dreams to life.

Contact us to discuss what you need and we will happily explore your ideas with you before providing a quote.

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