Pod Tech has a fully equipped fabrication facility with all the necessary tools, machinery and trained staff to deliver every project. We can also repair and convert any of your existing containers.
Externally, we can remove, restore and/or replace steel panels (corrugated or flat profile) depending on what you already have. If you have a rust issue on either the side panels or box section framework, we can repair or replace. All paint work can be prepped and repainted in a colour of your choice. We can panel beat dents, which are then filled and sanded before your unit is repainted.

Doors and windows can be renovated or replaced and we can fabricate new doors if necessary.

Internally, all walls, ceilings and floor (vinyl or otherwise) linings can be cleaned and renovated or replaced. As can partitions, internal doors, furniture, electronics and appliances. Contact us for more information.



A 40' high cube shipping container was to be sent to us to be converted into four seperate units. The main focus was on a 12' section which was to be turned into a turnstile unit with roller shutters on both sides of the walk through. The unit was also partitioned off to have an office with one personnel door, two external double glazed windows and a single glazed internal window used to liase with their clients before releasing the turnstile. Electrics were also installed for lighting, heating and plug sockets. The remainder of the 40' container was to be cut down into one 8' storage container and two 10' storage containers.

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