Need somewhere to store your supplies? Our site storage units are the ideal solution for ensuring your supplies and materials are safe from accidental damage, weather damage or damage caused by vandals. Not only do they offer protection, they are also a highly secure option and can prevent theft. Do you already have a unit that requires modification? We can help with that also, so get in touch and we can work towards the best option for you.
20 foot side loader storage container
Our standard storage units are fabricated to the same size specifications as a standard shipping container but we don't limit you to those dimensions. We can work with you to provide the perfect solution. Externally, each unit has either corrugated steel panels or a flat profile and if you want to replicate your company's signage, let us know prior to fabrication. We can also match colour schemes.

Choose from a choice of access options such as shipping container-style hinged waterproof doors to standard size doors depending on your storage requirements.

Every site storage unit is ply lined inside and insulated with power points and lighting. Heavy duty 18mm ply flooring comes as standard. Partitions can be added to suit and shelving can be provided to save you time and effort upon the arrival of your unit. We install adequate heating with extras such as air conditioning also available.



The client was looking for a solution to store their classic car. It was decided that a standard shipping container at 8' wide, just wasn't big enough. So on this occasion we decided to fabricate the whole unit from the ground up. Our client was happy with 20' x 10' with double doors allowing full access to one end. Once the unit was fabricated, we insulated and plylined the unit also with insulation in the doors covered by a galvanised sheet metal.
20 foot by 12 foot storage container, ply lined and insulated


With the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) act, we are often asked if we can build stores that meet these regulations. Well the answer is yes.

In this instance, the client required a store suitable for various chemicals such as paint and thinners etc. The unit was fitted with shelving and had a bunded floor installed to catch any spillages. We also added a drainer tap to make washing up easier.

This unit was fully vented with a number of substancial louvre vents to allow air circulation.

Finished in grey the unit was delivered to a very happy customer.
COSHH Store - Steel Container

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