At Pod Tech, we deliver the highest standard of quality. This is especially important regarding industrial use containers and housings. As such, all of our substations are built with longevity in mind using the highest quality of materials available on the market. We assist with the design and fabrication of substations in partnership with DNO Consulting Ltd.
Substation Steel Container
Using a heavy duty box section frame, the substation's subframe is comprised of a combination of Universal Column (UC) and Parallel Flange Channel (PFC) which has been hot dip galvanised. This ensures the unit can meet with the demands of housing heavy machinery.

Externally, the infill side panels are fabricated from formed flat profile corten steel sheets. Fully primed, they are then painted with a 2 pack hard wearing high gloss top coat which guarantees a 25 year life expectancy before any further maintenance is required.

Doors are manufactured in-house from formed 3mm steel sheets and fitted with euro style deadlocks.

Units are fully vented with fitted 'blast apertures' and vents come as standard. Extractor fans are fitted according to the design specification.

Walls are lined with galvanised steel sheeting and are fully insulated. The floors are lined externally with galvanised steel sheeting ensuring there is no water penetration from the outside. They are then fully insulated before an internal heavy duty aluminium non-slip tread plate is installed.

Roofs are pitched to ensure there is zero standing water on top and you can choose from a mono or double pitched roof.

Internally, various steel cupboards can be fabricated and installed to meet your various metering requirements.

We highly recommend that you contact DNO Consulting to discuss your requirements. DNO Consulting will then contact us here at Pod Tech to have your unit(s) fabricated. Once fabricated, DNO Consulting will take care of all logistics and installation which means a seamless process for you - from start to finish. Contact us for more details.

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